Our Remodeling Services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake

If you live in Virginia Beach and you are looking to hire the number one home renovation service then you have come to the right place.

Over the years of providing outstanding home renovations here in Virginia Beach, we have rightfully built up this reputation – and we have the testimonials of hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it.

A Comprehensive Service List

When you are looking to hire a home renovation company, then you need to know that it can handle all the jobs that make up a home renovation. We as a company we can bring that guarantee – and where we have to hire in specialist skills, we have built up the strong relationships with external sub-contractors that means that only the best workmen will ever enter your property – that is our promise to you. 

That’s why our outstanding reputation is built upon being a one-stop service that supplies everything needed to complete a home renovation or remodeling, no matter how big or how small.

We can also help you to design your new room or home, or we can work with your own designs or even your own designer.

We provide free quotes for every project so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (757) 378-0748 or by filling out the free estimate request form during after hours service. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Here is a very brief rundown of the most popular services that we supply, however before we get to that let’s just tackle one important idea:

Remodel vs Renovation

Don’t they mean the same thing? Short answer, no. – though they both have the same aim of providing improvements to a preexisting home, room or structure.

Renovation – is typically the “milder” of the two options, and with this we will aim to work with the existing space more to offer an upgrade than anything else. So in a bathroom for example, this could be replacing an old bath or shower unit, laying down new flooring, re-painting the walls, etc.

Remodel – Means to fundamentally change the form of a room, even it’s function. So to take the bathroom example again, it could be completely ripping out every fixture and fitting, every piece of decoration and starting again. It could be replacing your old shower cubicle with a brand-new one, it could be ripping out the toilet from one corner, re-installing it in the opposite corer to make room for a large bath.

The takeaway is, renovation improves what you’ve got, Remodeling replaces and improves everything you’ve got.

Complete Home Remodeling & Renovation

If you can afford it – in terms of time and budget – then nothing is going to give your home a brand new sparkle than a full remodel or renovation.

Read the above description to see the differences between the two, but generally speaking, with a renovation we are going to be coming in, removing furniture, some fixtures and fittings and then implementing a new design scheme for your home.

This is going to cover everything from laying new carpets to re-painting rooms to removing and replacing old, crumbling plaster and doors that have been battered and chipped by a life time of hard service (just to give a flavor of what we can do!)

With a full remodel, you will leave your home on day one and when you come back – you may just check the keys in your hand have not opened the wrong front door because chances are you will not recognize the place!

The remodeling service we provide can literally strip a home back to it’s barebones, with new plaster, even new wiring employed to completely change the setup of individual rooms or even the entire house to meet you design criteria.

We can also break down Remodeling and Renovation into individual rooms. So if you just want to improve one room at a time, that’s fine. That way, if you want to spread the noise and disruptions of a remodel or renovation over a longer period of time, no problem.

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