Kitchen, Bathroom and Home Remodeling in Norfolk VA

Over our many long and successful years working in domestic renovation and remodeling here in Norfolk, we have built up a reputation as being the best in our business.

Part of our reputation stems from our unwavering dedication to providing the very best customer service that we can. Because of our reputation as one of the friendlier renovation and remodeling companies, we find a lot of customers reach out to us with a whole lot of questions early on in their decision process when they are thinking about renovating or even remodeling their homes.

Which by the way is absolutely brilliant! We love doing what we do – and we love talking about what we do!

But at the same time, we realize that your time is precious. So to hopefully help you out a little, we’ve gone ahead and put down the answers to some of the questions that we get asked the most.

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What is the difference between Remodeling and Renovation?

Let’s start with the big one, because there is definitely a lot more of a difference than many folks appreciate!

With a renovation, we are working with what you’ve got, and turning it into something better. To use a kitchen as an example – a renovation here could be removing and replacing tired cupboards, cabinets and countertops. There could be repainting of walls, perhaps laying new floor.

A remodeling is a complete “reset” of a room, with everything stripped out and completely replaced – including the layout and even the function of a room, like turning a extra bedroom into an office or a large closet into extra bathroom space.

Bottom line – If you’re happy with what you have but it looks kind of old and tired – renovate. If you have a dream in your mind of what a room – or the whole home – should look like and the reality is a long way off – remodel it.

Do you provide the designs?

We want to make you happy. So whilst we are able to work with you and produce designs, we are also able to incorporate your own designs. Whether these are designs produced by yourself or by an interior designer, we can advise on the feasibility and provide estimates of cost.

Do you do all the work?

As far as possible, our contractors and in-house staff will carry out all the work. In some instances where we need to bring in the specialist skills of outside sub-contractors, you can be assured that we only work with the best.

We have in act built up a comprehensive and wide raging network of sub-contractors over the years. We are as confident recommending them and putting our names to their work as we are of our won work.

Do you perform Complete Home Remodeling & Renovation

Absolutely, and it can be one of the greatest investments that you ever make, provided of course that you can budget not only the money, but also the time.

In many instances, we have had client’s book vacations to coincide with the start of the works, in other instances they have gone to stay elsewhere with family or friends.

The benefit here, is that you get to be away whilst we take care of the business of renovating or remodeling, meaning you miss out on all the dust and noise. Also, you get to walk way from a tired, old unsatisfying house – and walk back into your brand new, shiny dream home.

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What about Individual rooms?

Of course! Look, whilst we extolled the benefits of a full home remodel or renovation above we are also perfectly aware that for most people that is just not realistic. It is, after all, a big ask of time and money.

Also, many homes simply don’t need top to bottom, comprehensive work like that. In most houses, we are usually happy with most rooms… but also, in most houses, there are those one or two rooms that just need a bit of an upgrade to repair peeling paper or tired fittings.

Or there is that part of the house that you just dream of transforming – the underused utility room that could be a brand new bathroom, the kitchen that if only it was orientated a different way could take advantage of the natural light…

So you can work on my bathroom?

Definitely! This is in fact one of the rooms that we are called in to tackle the most frequently. If you think about what happens in a bathroom, then it is not a huge surprise really.

No, not that.

We’re talking showers, baths, running taps for washing. This is a moisture rich environment with often dramatic temperature changes, no wonder the bathroom is often the first room to begin showing it’s age.

If yours is too, then renovation is a great way to return a bathroom space to its former glories.

Remodeling is a great way to add value and aesthetic appeal to your house, and also a room that can be designed to seriously help you to relax!

How about my Kitchen?

One of the other hardest working rooms in most houses, and again a prime candidate for renovation or even remodeling.

It can often be the room that sees the most uses, particularly for young families, as preparing and eating food remains one of the few rituals that the whole family still (even just sometimes!) is able to gather together for.

If you want that special time to take place in a fittingly special room, then we can certainly help you to achieve that.


We really hope that you have found this little guide both interesting, and informative. Of course, we should point out that a lot of these answers are pretty brief, after all the point of this exercise was to save you time!

So if you are interested in any of the services that we offer up above, then please feel free to get in touch with us via telephone or email. We are more than happy to simply answer any queries you have and, when you are ready, to arrange a home visit by one of our team to fully delve into the range of services and options available to you!