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We are the premier suppliers of remodeling and renovation services here in Chesapeake. Over the years, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects – and we have the testimonials and recommendations of hundreds of satisfied customers to back up this claim!

A Full Remodeling and Renovation Service

Whilst we are a home remodeling and renovation service, we think it’s a good idea to discuss the differences between a renovation and remodeling because there can be more of a difference than most people appreciate.

A renovation will use the preexisting fixtures of a room, whilst perhaps changing the fittings, adding a new design scheme through paint or wallpaper, and perhaps even going so far as to replace the flooring.

A remodeling will strip a room, sometimes all the way back to even removing the plaster. This allows a brand new room configuration to be applied, or we can even change the entire function of a room.

To use a real world example, if your bathroom is just a little tired looking, has some mildew problems and peeling wallpaper – renovate it.

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If the design is all wrong for you, if you wish you had a bath where the shower unit sits, if you want a minimalist room with stripped floorboards – remodel it.

As we described above we are a full remodeling and renovation service. That means we are experienced, skilled and trained (not to mention insured) to take on the bulk of renovation and remodeling projects.

Wherever we do have to hire out for specialist skills, you can rest assured that we have the contacts and network in place to ensure that any subcontractor brought in to work on your property will be of the very highest standard.

Finally, another aspect of being a full renovation and remodeling service concerns the design aspect of all the projects that we take on. By this we mean that we are able to work closely with you to develop designs, if all you have are the ideas in your mind.

At the same time, we are able to take onboard any designs you bring to us, perhaps from an interior designer or similar.

Complete Home Remodeling & Renovation

We are proud to offer a complete and comprehensive home remolding and renovation service.

By this we mean that, from the attic all the way down to the basement and every room in between we can work on to achieve your dream home design. We can remove and replace all fixtures and fittings. 

In addition to this can completely change the purpose of rooms. So the downstairs utility can become a new bathroom, the unused bedroom upstairs can become a home office, the unutilized space in the basement can become the games room for a growing family – the possibilities are truly endless.

In addition, it is of course completely possible to mix together a range of work within one project – we don’t have to remodel your entire home for example, if some rooms are broadly acceptable, if a little tied looking.  An intelligent selection of remodeling and renovation, when employed together on a single project, will often have spectacular results.

Whilst we will of course work to minimize disruption, dust and mess a complete house project is a large undertaking. Many homeowners elect to go on holiday or stay with relatives while the work is completed and, whilst this is not possible for everyone; it is definitely something to consider if you can.

Give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help and answer any of your questions and concerns.

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Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling

Of course it not always the case that a house will require a full remodeling or renovation across all the rooms. Often times, it’s just the one room in a house that needs that extra bit of attention, and the bathroom is often that room.

For one thing, considering the amount of moisture and temperature changes this room endures on a probably constant basis, it’s no surprise that a bathroom can quickly begin to look tired – even when special water resistant paints and other materials are used.

For another thing, a bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that really can be transformed via renovation or especially via a remodeling, in particular in older homes.

Bathroom designs trends move with the times, and an older, cluttered space can be remodeled into a modern, more minimalist inspired room. With this change, a functional space can be transformed into a room that, whilst retaining its functionality can now also be a place of relaxation – a refuge from the stresses of everyday life!

Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling

Another room that in many homes is a candidate for renovation is the kitchen. Like the bathroom we discussed above, the kitchen is often one of the hardest working rooms in any household, and so, like the bathroom, is often the one that begins to show wear and tear fastest.

A kitchen renovation could, for example, see the tired cupboards, cabinets and worktops all removed and replaced. Tired, old wallpaper or paint can be upgraded with new design styles, as can harder wearing installations such as tiles.

At the same time, and again in keeping with the bathroom, the kitchen is also a room that can really benefit heavily from a full remodeling. Whether this is altering the lighting system to give a more welcoming atmosphere, or even a full rotation of the room to take advantage of natural light provided by new window installations – we can do it all.

You would be surprised how much space can be freed up in small kitchen just by employing an overall design specifically made to maximize the use of all available space – so even if your home has a small kitchen, don’t discount the benefits of a full remodeling!

We sincerely hope that you have found the above very brief guide to our company and the services we offer to be helpful. Please feel free to contact us to discuss all of the options open to you – and how we can help you – as you begin to plan your new dream home.

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