Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk.

A beautiful kitchen is something that many of us dream about. After all, how many of us make for the room almost automatically when we are touring new homes?

It can be the centerpiece of a modern home, the only room in the house that the family all congregate – even if it’s just a rushed morning breakfast or quick evening meal after a busy day!

Such a room then deserves to be the best room in the house – but often that can simply not be the case. The kitchen is one of, if not the hardest working rooms in a home. Just consider the vast temperature changes it can go through on a daily basis, not to mention the moisture that can build up!

It’s no surprise then that the kitchen can begin to show it’s age quicker than any other room in the house, and what was once a fresh and bright design can quickly looked lived in and tired out.

When this happens, many people discount a kitchen remodel as they assume it can be prohibitively expensive – however, that is not necessarily true. We will work with you to maximize your budget, stretch every dollar and present the very best designs and work to build your dream kitchen.

In addition to that though, there are also a few tips and tricks that you can bear in mind during the planning stage, that can save a lot of time and money further down the line. Here just a few of these that we think you should consider.

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Know exactly what you want before you begin

Nothing will send the budget of kitchen remodeling spiraling out of control than selecting fixtures, fittings – even color schemes – once the project is already under way.

This is not the way that we like to work, as is can build up problems very quickly.

We strongly recommend therefore that you know exactly what you want before work begins. This also allows us to ensure that all the products and fittings have been ordered delivered and are ready to install – saving you time and money.

Hire a designer

We will produce a range of beautiful designs working closely to your specifications and to your budget.

At the same time however, we recognize that some people prefer to bring in an outside designer to present their own designs. This is absolutely fine, and we are more than happy to collaborate with any designer you appoint.


A kitchen remodeling can be a great time to build the kitchen of your dreams – but it can also be a great time to fix any deficiencies in the layout or construction of the original room.

Ventilation can be one of those deficiencies. So many kitchens that we work in seemed to have been designed without the idea that food would ever be cooked in them – and if they were at all, no allowance was made for the heat, steam and smells that might be generated.

If you ever notice that cooking smells are hanging around in your kitchen for way after the original meal has been both cooked and consumed then ventilation could well be an issue – an issue that could be solved during your remodeling.

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Smart Lighting

When you picture your dream kitchen, do you see shiny marble worktops, top-end appliances, a beautiful stripped mahogany floor and rustic wooden furniture?

That could sound like a nightmare or a dream but whether this is your ideal kitchen or you are imagining a completely different layout there will be one common similarity – you will be able to actually see it!

A well-lit kitchen looks incredible, and frankly a poorly lit kitchen even when well designed, looks… well, no one can really tell, as no one can see it!

Remember to plan your lighting effectively to help your dream kitchen to shine.

An Efficient Design

Similar to the point we made above about the ventilation, never forget that a kitchen remodel is the time to fix all sorts of problems once and for all. Do you find that you never seem to have refrigerator space during the summer? A remodel could provide the room to install a larger fridge.

It could even be such a simple issue as your bowls being stored at the opposite end of the room to your cutlery – making even something as simple as making breakfast cereal a mildly annoying trudge as you forget – for the 10th time that month – to grab a spoon as you pass the distant cutlery drawer.

These are all just a few examples of the types of things that you should bear in mind during the very earliest stages of the planning of your kitchen remodel. In fact, before you even begin planning, start to use your kitchen space with a critical mind. Take a note of everything that doesn’t quite work, everything that you wish your kitchen could do.

That way, when you approach us and the remodeling gets under way, the transformation into your dream kitchen will be as smooth as possible.